Ruins of Rossel Castle Rüdesheim/Rhine / Assmannshausen

Ruins of Rossel Castle, photo: Rüdesheim Tourist AG

Rossel Castle was erected in 1774 by the Duke of Ostein on the highest elevation of the Niederwald.
The fantastic view of the Nahe confluence and the Bingen Hole (“Binger Loch”) make it a popular destination for daytrips.
The ruins of Rossel Castle can be reached on foot coming from the Niederwald Monument (“Niederwalddenkmal”) or by taking the chairlift from Assmannshausen to Niederwald hunting lodge (“Jagdschloss Niederwald”).
In the vicinity of the ruins of Rossel Castle you will also find the Wizard’s Cave (“Zauberhöhle”) that is very popular with children.
The Wizard’s Cave is a tunnel of about 60 metres, whose walls have been decorated with glittering glass beads. The tunnel leads to a rotunda of the Wizard’s hut, where mirrors were produced long ago.
Burgruine Rossel
65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein /Assmannshausen
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