Towns and Communities in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

The towns and communities in the cultural region of the Rheingau attract a great number of tourists.
Discover the unique places of interest and half-timbered buildings or experience unforgettable landscapes.
The towns of Flörsheim/Main and Hochheim/Main are the gate to the cultural region of the Rheingau. Visit the state capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden, Eltville/Rhine, the town of sparkling wines and roses, the Gothic wine village Kiedrich or Walluf, the oldest winegrowing community in the cultural region of the Rheingau. Rheingau’s biggest winegrowing town is Oestrich-Winkel. But also Geisenheim, town of wines and vines should be explored by visitors. Situated in the area of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the wine and culture town of Lorch/Rhine and the world-famous Rüdesheim/Rhine also attract many visitors.

More information about the offers of the towns and municipalities in the Rheingau is available here:

    • Eltville/Rhine with its districts Erbach,Hattenheim,Martinsthal and Rauenthal
    • Flörsheim/Main with its districts Bad Weilbach / Weilbach and Wicker
    • Geisenheim with its districts of Johannisberg, Marienthal and Stephanshausen
    • Hochheim/Main
    • Kiedrich
    • Lorch/Rhine with its districts Espenschied, Lorchhausen, Ransel and Wollmerschied
    • Oestrich-Winkel with its districts Hallgarten, Mittelheim, Oestrich and Winkel
    • Rüdesheim/Rhine with its districts Assmannshausen, Eibingen as well as Aulhausen and Presberg
    • Walluf
    • Wiesbaden