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Offers for Families & Children in the Cultural Region of the Rheingau

The Rheingau is not only a wine and cultural region but also welcomes families and children who come to the Rheingau for a daytrip.
Here, children’s eyes lighten up, e.g. when they go pony riding, visit the llama and alpaca farm Kisselmühle, the Falconry, the Nature House in Flörsheim/Main, the big adventure playground in Hochheim/Main, the family and amusement park Taunus Wunderland and many other places.
Moreover, children can learn a lot about the nature, towns and municipalities in the cultural region of the Rheingau.

Learn more about the offers for families and children in the following, sorted according to topics:

Offers involving animals:
• Llama and alpaca farm Kisselmühle (Eltville/Rhine)
• Falconry (Rüdesheim/Rhine)
• Ebental Farm /pony riding (Rüdesheim/Rhine)
• Animal and plant park (“Fasanerie“) (Wiesbaden)
• Miraclebox /Wunderkiste (Bad Schwalbach)

Amusement parks, playgrounds & sports facilities:
• Taunus Wunderland (Schlangenbad)
• Adventure park / adventure playground (Hochheim/Main)
• Multi-purpose facility (Walluf)
• Adventureland of Senses (Taunusstein)
• Climbing wall (Flörsheim/Main)

Learn and experience:
• Guided tours for children & afternoon in the forest (Eltville/Rhine)
• Nature House (“Naturschutzhaus“) Weilbacher Kiesgruben (Flörsheim/Main)
• Nature Trail and Learning Path Vollrads Palace (“Schloss Vollrads”) (Oestrich-Winkel)
• Freudenberg Palace (“Schloss Freudenberg“) (Wiesbaden)

Events for children:
• Special Events for children an families

• Children’s Prison Party (Bollesje, Rüdesheim/Rhine)
• Neroberg with Nerobergbahn and climbing forest (Wiesbaden)
• Mortrain (Bad Schwalbach)